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Author: Grace Chen

Grace brings 10+ years consulting experience in consumer marketing, IT and operations management. Grace has led global and regional projects across CPG, Health and Retail industries in APAC, AMERS and Europe. Prince2 Practitioner certified, Prosci Change management and Lean Six Sigma trained, Grace has successfully implemented various continuous improvement initiatives. In her free time, she enjoys trying new local delicacies and finding new brands that bring a twist to products we see every day.


What Brands Can Learn From D-to-C Trendsetters

Direct to consumer (D-to-C) as a business model has always been around. We’ve seen it from the street sellers to the door-to-door salespeople who knew us by name and preferences. In current times, D-to-C refers to brands selling directly to consumers rather than the more traditional approach of selling through retailers. The D-to-C business model...