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Author: Sevil Hoppmann

For more than 20 years, Sevil Hoppmann has been working for and with well-known brand owners and retailers in Europe, supporting them in staging their brands and achieving a homogenous market presence at all touch points of the customer journey. The expansion of SGK’s portfolio and the achievement of highest customer satisfaction are particularly important to her. As Business Development Director at SGK, she is responsible for increasing sales in Continental Europe.


3 Ways Retailers Can Benefit From the Shift Toward Digitization

The “new normal” may be here to stay, with retailers and consumers alike embracing the new, online-driven landscape of the retailer sector. Yet, we cannot attribute this development exclusively to the pandemic. Even before 2020, brick-and-mortar retailers had been fighting a fierce battle against leading e-commerce players. These challenges have now accelerated, but this doesn’t...