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Business Strategy

To survive in today's economic climate, retailers must stay on the cutting edge of technology, business strategy, and more. This section is all about business strategy, with content focused on topics such as retail technology trends, retail and e-commerce marketing strategies, merchandising, omnichannel best practices, and more!


Way to Go, California!

Some great news out of the Golden State this week: On Sunday, California became the first state to require publicly traded companies to include women on their boards of directors. Senate Bill 826 , which was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, requires at least one female director on the board of each California-based public corporation by...


The Cost of Instant Gratification

Is anyone a fan of Gene Wilder’s “Willy Wonka & and the Chocolate Factory“? Who could forget golden ticket winner Veruca Salt’s screeching words, “I want it, and I want it NOW!” as she visibly demonstrates her need for instant gratification, without consideration of the impending result of her demands? We now live in a...


The Changing Definition of Convenience

From Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s in 1955 to Pop-Tarts to microwaves, consumers have long placed a high value on convenience. And why shouldn’t we? Time is the greatest equalizer, no matter your position in the work world or your wealth. It’s our most precious commodity. We all have the same amount of it, as well...


The Sweet Success of Sugarfina

It was only a few years ago that Sugarfina was an unknown candy store. From its sweet beginnings — pun intended (the co-founders came up with the idea while watching “Willy Wonka” on a date) — to today’s luxury candy shop, a lot has changed. Now, there aren’t many places you can go without seeing...

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