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Featured below is a compilation of original research reports produced by Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC); WIRLC’s sister brand, Total Retail; and NAPCO Research, a division of WIRLC’s parent organization, NAPCO Media. This research is offered to WIRLC members as a benefit of membership.

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2020 Retail Industry Year in Review

The 2020 Retail Industry Year in Review summarizes many of the developments and obstacles that retailers faced last year, as well as forecasts and considerations for 2021. We closely examine innovations in technology around contactless payment systems, as well as workplace safety issues related to COVID-19 and vaccines. We also provide updates related to merger and acquisition activity, insurance coverage, The California Privacy Rights Act, and more.

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Fashion's Newest CEOs At The Top of 2021

Despite a year of unprecedented disruption, the fashion industry saw more than 100 CEO changes among its ranks in 2020. In this second annual report on CEO turnovers, findings indicate that fashion companies, despite the risk aversion provoked by the pandemic, are still taking action to prepare themselves for a more digital, sustainable, and diverse future based on their choices in leadership.

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The 5 Disciplines of Inclusive Leaders

Diversity and inclusion have been championed in businesses across the globe for years now. Yet, the stark reality is those from underrepresented groups and, in particular, racial and ethnic minorities in many countries are still not treated equally and do not feel they have a voice. All of this requires a new type of leader. In essence, an inclusive leader.

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Women CEOs in America

This Women CEOs in America report is the first of its kind overview of the positioning of women leaders. To build it, Women Business Collaborative (WBC), an alliance organization dedicated to building a movement to rapidly change the numbers of women in leadership positions, teamed up with two of its partners: C200, a global nonprofit for women business leaders, and Catalyst, the global nonprofit that accelerates women’s leadership. We're working together to highlight the progress and opportunity for continued advancement in promoting women CEOs in businesses of all types. Our organizations are focused on driving women CEO leadership, so we celebrate the accelerating pace of change at the highest levels and call on all women business organizations and other business organizations to join us in increasing the numbers of women CEOs.

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Annual Report 2020: National Women’s Business Council

The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) was established in 1988 by H.R. 5050, the Women’s Business Ownership Act. The legislation also eliminated remaining state laws requiring a woman to have a male relative or husband co-sign a business loan; established the Women’s Business Center Program through the Office of Women’s Business Ownership at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA); and required the U.S. Census Bureau to include women-owned C corporations when reporting data.

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2020 Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we're pleased to present this year’s Gender Diversity Index, an annual review of the status of women on the boards of Russell 3000 companies. Women now hold a historic 22.6 percent of the board seats of companies in the Russell 3000, consistent with the steady progress women have made gaining board seats over the past decade. In our first decade we achieved a lot of firsts: We were the first organization to lead an education and advocacy campaign that encouraged a national dialog about the issue of boardroom diversity. We were first to define gender diversity as a minimum of 20 percent women on public company boards. We introduced the first online directory of 3,000 companies showing the gender diversity of their boards and made it freely available to the general public.

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Board Monitor US 2020

This year’s Board Monitor report explores how corporate boards sought to diversify in 2019 — with impressive gains for women but minimal changes for people of color — and added a mix of new and familiar expertise. As boards seek to help their companies through the greatest global economic contraction in a century, a pandemic, and ongoing global demands to end racial injustice and inequality, these are directors with valuable and fresh perspectives.

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CEOs for the Future, When the Future is Now

CEOs for the future will need to demonstrate inquisitiveness, agility, humility and an insatiable appetite for learning like no generation before them. They’re more visible in terms of their public persona, and need to be comfortable with employees, citizens, customers and shareholders all projecting their hopes and expectations onto them. At the same time, CEOs...

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