Dia&Co, a personal styling and plus-size clothing subscription retailer for women exclusively in sizes 14-32, recently partnered with Searchspring to customize its site search and navigation offering. To improve its customer experience, Dia&Co worked with Searchspring agency partner, Verbal+Visual, to redesign the retailer’s site to better reflect its brand mission. Due to the subscription-based nature of the business, many customers visit Dia&Co’s site to re-purchase specific products or brands from their curated style boxes, however, the previous site search experience didn’t fully cater to these shoppers. Verbal+Visual also knew it needed to upgrade the site’s filtering and sorting capabilities, enabling shoppers to more quickly locate the right styles, colors and sizes. And with frequent stock updates and inventory changes, the latest arrivals and best-sellers on Dia&Co’s e-commerce site needed to be easier to find.

To address its site search issues, Dia&Co implemented Searchspring’s Search and Category Navigation solutions, as well as a new denim sizing quiz. The quiz helps visitors to find the perfect pair of jeans by asking a series of questions about fit, color and style preferences. Based on the quiz, Searchspring added new data fields to Dia&Co’s products to produce more relevant results in response to customers’ answers. For example, if a shopper expresses a preference for classic denim styles, they won’t receive results that include bleached or ripped jeans.

The technology is yielding dividends for Dia&Co. Visitors who engage with the search bar now account for 12 percent of the site’s overall revenue, and shoppers who use search on Dia&Co are 10 times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t.

To learn more about its use of site search as well as its partnership with Searchspring, WIRLC interviewed Christa Stelzmuller, chief technology officer and head of product at Dia&Co.

Christa Stelzmuller, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product, Dia&Co

Christa Stelzmuller, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product, Dia&Co

Women in Retail Leadership Circle: Please tell us about Dia&Co and your role there.
Christa Stelzmuller: Dia&Co is a plus-size e-commerce and styling service founded on the notion that bodies in sizes 12 to 22 deserve the freedom to express themselves through their personal style and not be relegated to what the fashion industry thinks plus-size women should wear. My role is chief technology officer and head of product.

WIRLC: When did you start working with Searchspring and its agency partner, Verbal+Visual?
CS: We started working with Searchspring one year ago.

WIRLC: What was the primary reason you sought out a site search solution?
CS: We were looking for a search offering that didn’t just deliver on search, but also delivered on a working style that was oriented around a partnership rather than just being a software vendor.

WIRLC: Can you walk us through some of the changes you made to your site with the help of Searchspring and its agency partner?
CS: With Searchspring, we improved site search and navigation. We also introduced a quiz-based search approach that asks the customer questions about what she wants instead of making the customer do the work of knowing what to query. In a business like ours, where customers are often in the early stages of their style journey, knowing all the fashion jargon that fashionistas know can be intimidating and hide a customer’s ability to find something that really works for her.

WIRLC: Can you tell us more about how the denim sizing quiz works?
CS: The quiz approach works by asking the customer what characteristics about a garment she’s looking for. For instance, when looking for jeans, it’s fitted vs relaxed, what kind of shoes does she intend to wear with it, how bold does she like to go with her denim, etc. The answers to these questions are then mapped to a set of characteristics that we can feed into Searchspring’s engine and get back results.

WIRLC: Since working with Searchspring and Verbal+Visual, can you point to any results you’ve seen?
CS: The conversion rate from product detail page (PDP) views that come from quiz results is twice as high as PDP views from other sources.

WIRLC: What’s next for your partnership with Searchspring and Verbal+Visual?
CS: Next up in our partnership is improving the recommendations aspect of our site.