You asked, we delivered! We’re excited to announce that our Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC) Slack workspace is up and running.

The WIRLC Slack workspace is designed as a place for all Women in Retail Leadership Circle members to easily communicate and connect with each other. In Slack, group members can send messages and share files through different channels, allowing information to flow transparently.

Ever since we started our WIRLC Peer Groups, members have voiced their desire for a Slack channel. Many of you are already on Slack for your job or other professional organizations, and we’re happy to meet you where you are.

Currently, the WIRLC Slack workspace is made up of five channels. If you’re new to Slack, a channel is a single place for a group to share messages, tools and files on a specific topic. Having separate channels allows members to more easily find and share information. Our five channels are as follows:

  • Careers: If you know of a job opportunity that you’d like to share with your fellow WIRLC members, this is the channel to do it! WIRLC will also be posting top positions from our job board in this channel.
  • Events: Please share any retail industry events with the group in this channel.
  • General: This channel is a great place to share important messages, like announcements, that everyone in the group should see.
  • Professional Development: If you come across any professional development content or opportunities that could spark good conversation with your WIRLC members, share them here.
  • Technology Forum: This is a dedicated space for members to discuss current technology solutions that they’re using and recommend, as well as get feedback on potential vendor partners.

At this time, access to the WIRLC Slack workspace is a member-only benefit. We’ll be inviting all of our members to the workspace over the next few days, but if you don’t receive an invite in your e-mail, reach out to me at And please start posting! We’d love to see this workspace quickly gain traction, making it a valuable tool for all of our members.