Hello Inner Circle readers! DXL Group, a specialty retailer of men’s big and tall apparel, is looking for a chief marketing officer! Could that be you?

Title: Chief Marketing Officer, DXL Group
Opportunity: Are you a CMO or CMO material? And when we say “material,” we don’t mean as in material things, we mean “fabric.” Because that’s what we sell, clothes, big and tall ones. Now, it’s OK if you like material things, we’re not judging. We like material things too, but it’s not what defines us. Except maybe that one guy in finance, who is always like, “I need more stuff! We didn’t make enough last month, so I couldn’t buy that 900-inch TV!” And we’re all like, “Shut up.” OK, we digress. DXL Group is looking for a new CMO, that’s chief marketing officer. Now if you didn’t already know that’s what it meant before we told you, STOP READING NOW. If you did, carry on. We’re looking for someone who’s digitally savvy. And we don’t mean you just take pics of your food and post them on Instagram (though we would still “like” them). We want someone who has a plan to drive traffic and sales online and in our really cool 300-plus brick-and-mortar stores. Because we’re really a big deal and we only want to get bigger, like take over the world big. OK, here’s the skinny … though we definitely don’t do skinny here:

Is this you?

  • You’re a leader, a marketer with 20 years of experience focused on strategy and end-to-end execution. Hopefully a retailer, but perhaps not. You’re fluent in e-commerce and B-to-C. You’re results-oriented, data-driven and have a proven track record of growing a business by double-digit rates.
  • You love working with bright, collaborative people on incredible initiatives, as well as challenging business problems. You’re excited about building successful teams and mentoring team members. You thrive in a highly matrixed, multibrand business across e-commerce, marketing, merchandising, IT and customer service.
  • You’ve managed, designed, developed and executed successful brand and return on investment-driven digital marketing campaigns across all major digital channels.
  • You’ve led multiple successful rebranding and redesign projects.
  • You have P&L experience managing budgets, merchandising and digital marketing for multichannel retailers.
  • You’ve driven omnichannel experiences and brand loyalty programs.
  • You’ve launched successful mobile apps.
  • You’ve managed the development of international e-commerce sites and acted as an internal consultant to international business partners.
  • Plus whatever else we may have forgotten.

Location: Canton, Massachusetts

Interested in this position? Please contact Harvey Kanter, CEO of DXL Group, at CEO@dxlg.com.