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Vice President of Brand, Marketing, and E-Commerce

Boston Proper

Boca Raton, Florida
posted December 15, 2020

This is truly a dream opportunity for the right vice president of brand, marketing and e-commerce. It's a rare marketing leadership role with an established apparel brand, decades of loyal following, and the financial backing of a world-class private equity investor. Boston Proper is in the midst of executing a three-year to five-year plan to capture market share and share of wallet through the continued acceleration from print to digital, increased customer engagement via community building coupled with product innovation and the foundation of marketing technology, and a committed team marching forward to hit their growth objectives.

The vice president will report to the president and have a seat at the table alongside the Strategy, Operations, Finance, Merchandising, and Creative leadership. The new vice president will be a catalyst within management and partner with product and merchandising.

The vice president will inherit a talented team across all key areas/channels, including e-commerce, customer experience, CRM, paid digital, social media, content, business/customer analytics, merchandising, design, among others. As such, the vice president will be in the enviable position of stepping into a purpose-built environment with financial support, talent, technical capabilities, and budget — all tailored to enable immediate success.

The selected candidate will bring a superpower in performance marketing from a career in e-commerce environments. Her/his reputation will go beyond just driving traffic to owning the number (both revenue growth and margin) and engaging a community of customer-raving fans. The vice president will be steeped in data-driven marketing strategy and know the levers to pull as he/she manages customer acquisition costs, increases average order value through content and merchandising programs, and looks at product innovation opportunities for increased upsell and cross-sell opportunities yielding enhanced lifetime value.

Today, Boston Proper has a list of 250,000 customers. It has leveraged channels such as email, display, affiliate and paid search, and been successful with influencer and social campaigns. There exists a ton of  opportunities to continue to move the needle across all things digital and performance marketing to hit growth targets and set the company up for a lucrative exit.

Critical Selection Criteria

  • E-Commerce Veteran (non-subscription)
  • Mastery of multichannel, digital performance marketing; informed and optimized by insights from data analytics; experience extracting insights to inform decision making; oversight of execution and ownership of results
  • Experience building consumer brands by leveraging digital content and social influence, ideally out of established as well as challenger brands
  • Consistently grown sales across multiple SKUs; not just a marketer, but also a revenue owner
  • Ideally out of fashion/apparel, but definitely steeped in dynamic, fast-moving consumer sectors with similar cadence where emotion is a part of the purchase decision (e.g., beauty)
  • Experience operating at similar stage and scale as Boston Proper is today and will be over the next three years to four years
  • Proven ability to be a true strategic business partner who can work closely and collaboratively with an executive team and all functional leaders
  • Mover and a shaker that is comfortable rolling up his/her sleeves to get the job done with boundless energy
  • Polished executive presence: Smart, confident, take-charge marketing leader who can present and convince
  • Team builder and team player 

Other Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Develop an integrated marketing plan; social, events and editorial calendar that strategically hits Boston Proper's audience across most touchpoints; manage and maintain all aspects of marketing planning, budgeting, metrics and reporting.
  • Drive and implement all marketing activities to ensure on-brand awareness as well as optimized conversion and yield as well as community building.
  • Own and develop all marketing key performance indicators and departmental reporting; track and report on all marketing-led initiatives.
  • Create and implement innovative campaigns for new product/category launches.
  • Work closely with Finance to assure budget is balanced and act as the approver for marketing-related spending.
  • Partner marketing is an opportunity for growth at Boston Proper. Experience and desire would be a big plus.

Key Personal/Cultural Characteristics

  • Smart and nimble: High IQ and EQ — a proven "quick study" who has adapted quickly to changing technologies, models and market dynamics
  • Decisive and driven to succeed; able to drive critical-path decisions, prioritize and resource projects and programs that will ensure success; unquestioned work ethic
  • Hands-on: A major bias toward getting things done; action and results oriented; a doer (not just a delegator)
  • Leader and motivator: You're a builder of high-performance teams and companies delivering high-performance results; high EQ and a gifted listener
  • High energy with the personal freedom to put in the time it will take to get Boston Proper to and through a successful exit
  • Passionate: Excited about taking on the challenges of building Boston Proper. You're someone not afraid to ask and answer the tough questions.   
  • Innovator: Innovation is a core value at Boston Proper and a huge opportunity for Marketing to move the needle both in campaign tactics and broader marketing strategies. This is something you'll need to have fully baked into your operational DNA as well.
  • Great communicator: Communication and collaboration are major pillars at Boston Proper. You'll bring a polished presence, self-confidence and a certain level of intensity; able to create productive team dynamics; inspire, persuade and motivate.
  • Execution and no ego: A tactfully aggressive street fighter who isn't afraid to take on the heavy lifting and lead by example.
  • Player-coach who leads teams by example and mentors people to realize their potential, but also is a playmaker who isn't afraid to jump in and get things done, whenever and wherever needed.
  • Entrepreneurial: Flexible and resourceful, with a figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality.