During the Leadership Panel session at this year’s Women in Retail Leadership Summit, Vanessa LeFebvre, senior vice president, commercial, Adidas, explained how she learned the significance of real feedback.

Early in her career, a direct report brought to LeFebvre’s attention that some people in the office found her to be intimidating. 

“The perception of who you are is a reality you have to deal with,” LeFebvre said. “And sometimes you can be intimidating when you think you’re not.”

LeFebvre went on to explain that she had to be receptive to the feedback, and that it’s important to surround yourself with people who are going to give you real feedback. 

“I think it’s about finding the feedback that really makes you better, and keeping those people and keeping those relationships in your life,” LeFebvre noted. “Because without that feedback, you don’t learn.”

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