For Heather Hasson, co-founder and co-CEO of FIGS, a company revolutionizing the $60 billion highly fragmented medical apparel industry, when it comes to hiring the best candidates, it’s all about the music.

During an interview at Women in Retail Leadership Circle’s 2019 On the Road: Los Angeles event, Hasson explained that when she interviews candidates for creative positions at FIGS, “out of left field — after I ask all my other questions — I ask them, ‘What’s your favorite song?’ I’ll play the song and turn the music up really, really loud, and I’ll make them feel it. I’ll watch them and then I’ll turn it off. And then I’ll ask them, ‘What moved you? What is it about that song?’ Then they will be able to articulate it and pull it apart. Because a creative needs to be able to have that intuition to communicate with our audience, maybe not through a song, but through what they’re creating. So if they’re able to feel it themselves and have intuition, they’ll have an intuition to do it elsewhere.”

As for keeping her team motivated, Hasson says it’s all about keeping busy. “I believe in having a million things going on. I think every 60 seconds counts with anything and everything, so we have a lot of projects on the marketing side, on the design side, on the operations side, on the finance side. There’s so much stuff going on that people can’t get bored. It’s impossible. There’s so much to do. So I think that’s motivating.”

As for other perks, Hasson said FIGS is currently moving into a new office space in L.A. and now has a Peloton room, as well as Tuesdays Talks. “Every Tuesday we have inspiring talks about what’s going on in the month or the week,” Hasson notes. “The entire company speaks. We have different topics and different speakers come. We do these talks because it’s so important to always get different perspectives.”

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