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Business Strategy

To survive in today's economic climate, retailers must stay on the cutting edge of technology, business strategy, and more. This section is all about business strategy, with content focused on topics such as retail technology trends, retail and e-commerce marketing strategies, merchandising, omnichannel best practices, and more!


5 Parcel Industry Trends That Retailers Need to Know

In this video interview, Women in Retail Leadership Circle associate member Melissa Priest, president and CEO of Alexandretta Transportation Consulting, shares her industry insight into the state of the parcel market. She dives into five trends she’s tracking as well as offers best practices for retailers navigating these shipping challenges. The trends include: increasing surcharges...


How Shopper Values Affect Purchase Decisions

Stories are powerful. They help brands and retailers explain their place in the world and relate to shoppers and consumers in ways that no discount scheme or store design ever could. So in a world where 76 percent of shoppers say they want to be as informed as possible before making a purchase, brands and...


3 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Top-Level Talent

While the pandemic brought many changes, perhaps the most prevalent one was how it changed the way people think about work. Many executives spent the early days of the pandemic reflecting on what the purpose of their lives were and re-evaluating how and where their careers fit into them. Since the pandemic began, prospective employees...

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Shea Jensen's 3 Components of Successful Business Negotiations

Women in Retail Leadership Circle’s Lessons in Leadership video series offers exclusive, members-only videos featuring executive women from the Women in Retail Leadership Circle advisory board discussing a host of different topics, from industry best practices, life learnings, strategic tools to help other women excel as leaders in retail, among others. Our sixth episode features...

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