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Have an idea that you want to transform into a startup company? The content featured in this category offers you the opportunity to learn about the stories of how women design, launch and run their own businesses. Get tips, actionable advice, and other valuable information from women who have been there and done that, helping to turn your dream into a reality.


The Inner Circle Q&A: Kate Isler, CEO and Co-Founder, TheWMarketplace

To close out Women’s History Month, we thought we would chat with one of our partners and members, Kate Isler, CEO and co-founder of TheWMarketplace, an e-commerce marketplace that features products and services from women-owned businesses and gender-balanced national brands. In this exclusive interview, Isler offers details about how she got the idea for TheWMarketplace,...


Philadelphia Fashion Incubator Celebrates 10 Years of Successful Designers

Established in 2012 as a hub for fashion innovation, entrepreneurship and local economic development, the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is celebrating 10 years of incredible impact in the fashion and retail community. The Incubator, a nonprofit innovation lab providing providing business education, resources, industry connections, and strategic guidance to primarily women in the fashion and retail...


Think Like an Aggregator: Why You Should Focus on Future Brand Value vs. Current Value

There’s a buying frenzy for brands born online. Data shows global e-commerce sales are poised to reach record numbers by 2022, with revenue expected to grow to $6.54 trillion. aggregators and direct-to-consumer holding companies are acquiring brands and other third-party marketplace sellers at a rapid pace. Often helmed by individual founders and entrepreneurs, online...

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