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What is WIRLC?
Built by Women | Made for Women | Designed to Champion Women
Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC) is an exclusive community of women executives at leading retailers and brands. Our mission is to foster leadership development for our members by providing an unparalleled mix of events, content, and elite connections.
Who joins WIRLC?
Our community is comprised of successful, motivated and passionate women from the entire retail and brand ecosystem who have a strong belief that investing in themselves and in other women is good business. From CEOs with years of experience to directors working their way up, the common thread is women coming together to learn from each other and help each other succeed.
Why should I join WIRLC?
Focused on both business strategy and executive professional development, WIRLC offers women leaders the opportunity to network, discuss industry issues and learn how to become better leaders.
The energized core of our community stems from the hundreds of dedicated members who believe and support our mission. Beyond directly connecting with the industry’s most elite women leaders, benefits of membership range from discounted event registration, to exclusive member-only content, a private networking forum, peer groups, and so much more.
How do I apply for membership?
Please complete the application form on this page.
What are the different types of memberships, and how much do they cost?
  • Individual Retail/Brand Membership: $395 per year
  • Corporate Retail/Brand Memberships (2+ employees): $345 per person, per year.
  • Corporate Partnership (Multiple retail/brand memberships with additional benefits): See our Corporate Partnership page for more information and explore how WIRLC can benefit your organization.
  • Associate Membership (Consultants, media, suppliers and software companies working with retailers): See our Associate Membership page for more details, sponsorship opportunities and instructions regarding how to apply.

No payment is required until you’re notified that your application has been accepted. Once you’re notified about acceptance into the Circle, you’ll receive a personalized URL for secure online payment.

Now that I’m a member, how do I log in to the WIRLC website?
To log in, simply click on any of the login links on, and you’ll be presented with a sign-up form. Once you enter your email address and password, you’ll be able to access content available to your membership level.
How do I know when my membership is up for renewal?
Your membership will expire one year from your date of activation. For example, if your activation date is 9/12/19, your renewal date would be 9/12/20. Don’t worry, we’ll email you and remind you when it’s time to renew!
How do I renew my membership?
You’ll receive a renewal notification via the email address used on your sign-up, and the email will include a renewal link you can use to sign up. Of course, you can always email us and we’ll send you a link if you want to renew before we send your renewal notice.
Is my membership transferable?
WIRLC membership is not transferable from one person to another. If you change companies and are still employed at a retail organization, just send a quick note to us at and we can update your membership.
How can I change my address or other account information?
You can update your information by taking the following steps: go to, log in as a member, go to “Edit Profile” in the upper right corner to update your information. You can also send the information you need updated to us at, and we will make the change(s) for you.
If my boss or colleague is a member, do I qualify for the member rate at WIRLC events?
Sorry, only WIRLC members receive discounted rates to our events. We do offer group discounts for parties of five or more attending from the same organization.
If I can’t attend an event I have a ticket for, can I send someone else?
Of course! If you can’t make it to one of our events, feel free to send a colleague in your place. We just ask that you let our team know who will be taking your place.
Do you host any nonmember events?
Most of our events are open to nonmembers, including Women in Retail Leadership Summit, WIRLC: On the Road events, and all of Total Retail’s events (WIRLC’s sister brand). However, members receive a significant discount to every WIRLC event.
Who should I contact if I’m interested in speaking at a WIRLC event?
You can contact Melissa Campanelli, co-founder of WIRLC, at
How do I subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter, Inner Circle?
Please sign up for the Inner Circle on this page.
I want to submit an article for the Inner Circle. How do I do that, and what are the guidelines?
WIRLC is always looking for quality contributed content. Here are the types of content we like to feature:

  • Lessons Learned: Have you overcome a challenge in your career and/or achieved a significant victory? Do you want to share what worked … and what didn’t?
  • Tips and Advice: Are you an expert on a particular subject matter? Do you want to help others by sharing the knowledge you’ve gained?
  • Commentary on a Current Trend: Has a recent industry trend caught your attention, and you think our readers should be aware of it? What practical action should they take in response?

Also, our article topics fall into the following categories:

  • Business Strategy
  • Executive Professional Development
  • Executive Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in writing for the Inner Circle? If so, please submit your pitch to

I would like to be on an episode of Women in Retail Talks, WIRLC’s podcast channel. How do I do that?
Please reach out to with your topic idea.
I would like to nominate a retail leader for WIRLC’s list of the Top Women in Retail. How do I do that?
For this annual feature, WIRLC seeks senior-level women in retail who meet the following criteria:

  • currently work for a retail company or brand as a senior vice president or higher;
  • exceptional performance within their role, including being well-respected at the company and in the industry;
  • have enjoyed many career achievements; and
  • have made a positive impact on their circles of influence and the retail industry as a whole.
How do I become a WIRLC sponsor?
For information about sponsoring any of our events or becoming a WIRLC partner, please contact Jennifer DiPasquale at or 724-778-0227.
Still have questions?