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2021 Back-to-Office Report

As organizations prepare to have their employees return to corporate offices and headquarters, go fully remote, or some hybrid of the two, there are still many questions that need to be answered and concerns to be addressed. The 2021 Back-to-Office Report, from Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC) and Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, features...


Radically Reinventing Retail

Korn Ferry expects that the role of stores will continue to dramatically transform over the next 3-5 years and that these stores-of-the-future will require a new generation of Store Managers and store personnel to manage them.


US Retail CEO Tracker Quarter 1, 2021

Leadership changes began in earnest with eight notable new leaders announced. Korn Ferry expects the momentum of new CEO announcements to continue through 2021 because new leaders are needed to drive growth in this radically new retail environment.


2021 Top International Women in Retail

Women in Retail Leadership Circle’s first annual Top International Women in Retail report is an extension and precursor to the popular Top Women in Retail report. The global expansion mirrors WIRLC’s trajectory of growing its community of women retail leaders beyond the United States. In this special report, you’ll learn from 10 retail leaders headquartered in countries across the globe, such as Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Australia, and Russia.


Moving Up: Talent Strategies for Retailers to Help Frontline Workers Advance

Through interviews with human resources and learning and development professionals in 16 large retail companies, this study documents how retailers design, implement, and think about approaches to advancement for frontline retail workers. This study by Urban Institute includes insights into the talent challenges businesses face, the strategies they use to help workers advance, the metrics that show whether their strategies are working, and considerations for policymakers in supporting frontline retail worker advancement.

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Missing Pieces Report: An Analysis of Board Diversity

This Missing Pieces Report, 6th edition, highlights the progress to date that has or has not been made in the equitable representation of women and minorities on corporate boards. This study is the culmination of a multiyear effort organized by the Alliance for Board Diversity, collaborating with Deloitte for the 2016, 2018, and 2020 censuses, which have examined and chronicled the representation of women and minorities on public company boards of directors across the country's largest companies.

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Back-to-Office Checklist

As companies prepare to have their employees return to corporate offices and headquarters, go fully remote, or some hybrid of the two, there are many unknowns. As such, we asked executives from leading brands across the retail and travel and hospitality industries how they're navigating the many challenges and questions that come with defining a new way to work.

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Rehumanizing Business: A Forbes Ignite Guide

Forbes Ignite, with the assistance of our strategic partners at U.K.-based communications firm, Eulogy, assembled a cross-industry task force of diverse leaders and changemakers. Our mission was to conceptualize new ways that organizations can embed strategic empathy within their everyday communication and decision making.

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Global Gender Gap Report 2021

This year’s report aims to keep the focus on consistent measurement of gender gaps while providing new data to point to emerging and concerning trends in the labor market so that we can proactively address them. We're delighted to feature in this report a special collaboration with LinkedIn and Ipsos, which have provided unique data and new measures to track gender gaps.

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