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Customer Loyalty in a Fragmented Retail Market

To help address the retention challenge, retailers are looking to technology solutions that can help them leverage their most critical asset — data, and more specifically, customer data. Data on where, when and how much customers spend provides retailers with the information they need to craft relevant messaging and offers. With that, they can increase engagement and build long-term, loyal relationships.


Recovery Readiness: Restoring Retail Confidence

As retailers and landlords prepare to re-engage the customer, communicating safety, building confidence, and enticing the consumer are paramount steps. Retailers will need to control every aspect of the store environment and plan, in detail, the consumer experience and journey in the store. Brands and landlords will need to evaluate air quality, health and safety standards, touchless technology, and new inventory and logistics models. These new strategies will vary by location, generation, and over time as the environment changes. Preparing to reopen, provides the retail industry with an opportunity to be transformational. This is a time to test or expand new paths of purchase including BOPIS, curbside pickup, and home delivery. It is an opportunity to test new technology both to gather customer data and improve the in-store experience. Retailers will need to balance investments against other financial constraints and should look to drive efficiencies to invest in new strategies. One thing is certain, retail will be changed forever, and Cushman & Wakefield is ready to support these new opportunities. Together, Cushman & Wakefield is ready to re-ignite retail.


Recovery Readiness: Industrial Solutions

Many industrial-related sectors have been considered essential to the global COVID-19 response, with a significant number of companies continuing to operate manufacturing and distribution facilities. Under the extreme and unique circumstances, these companies had to address employee health and safety on the fly with creative solutions. As we move toward recovery, companies that halted operations due to shelter-in-place orders will soon face a new challenge—maintaining social distancing guidelines in manufacturing and distribution center environments. To that end, a panel of experts and specialists in the Logistics, Industrial and Production sectors have come together to share experiences and industry knowledge to create this open document of international best practices. Cushman & Wakefield offer these ideas to keep in mind.


The Safe Six: Workplace Readiness Essentials

The migration from furloughed and Work From Home (WFH) workforce back to places of business will look different for every organization. How can real estate owners most eeffectively prepare their assets for the return of building occupants? And how can employers make sure they are prepared to receive their workforce—and make sure their employees are prepared? Faced with many of the same challenges, owners and occupiers have a unique opportunity to come together, following a handful of operational guiding principles to help navigate the return to the workplace.


Recovery Readiness: A How To Guide to Reopening Your Workplace

Over the next several weeks and months, as areas stabilize from the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, organizations will begin to bring workers back into the physical workplace. Many Cushman & Wakefield clients have sought out guidance and expertise as they navigate this process. Over the following pages is a How-to Guide for reopening the workplace that addresses many of their most pressing questions. The Guide outlines some of the best thinking and practices that more than 53,000 professionals have compiled across the globe and also includes insights from key partners.


A Retailer's Guide to Managing Their Business During a Crisis

This comprehensive guide from Total Retail features insights on how to create effective COVID-19 communications (and measure the impact of them), why now is the right time to foster a direct-to-consumer mind-set within your organization, how to use marketing automation tools during a time of crisis, how to develop an inventory strategy when supply chains are disrupted (like they are now), how to profitably ship online orders, and, perhaps most importantly, necessities for business survival in a crisis.


Repairing the Broken Rung

Women and minorities still face many barriers in attaining leadership roles. Repairing the Broken Rung is the latest comprehensive study of fairness in how organizations identify and prepare the next generation of leaders. This report stems from a partnership between Pinsight, a leadership assessment and development firm, and researchers from Purdue University and George Mason University. We collected data from 129 organizations that together employ over half a million people and span most industries.


Single Point of View: Where Single Women Stand on Their Financial Lives

From March 15–March 25, 2019, UBS surveyed 883 single investors (414 women, 469 men) who have never been married. Millennials needed at least $250,000 in investable assets, Gen X $500,000, and baby boomers at least $1 million. Also featured were results from the Own Your Worth Investor Watch report, which included 632 married women with at least $1 million in investable assets for comparison purposes where applicable. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 32 single men and women.


2020 Top Women in Retail

Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC) is proud to present its 10th annual list of the top women executives in the retail industry. Like the prior nine years, the 2020 Top Women in Retail list features a who’s who in the industry. Honorees, some of whom were nominated via a survey of our WIRLC members...

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