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You're a CMO. Now What?

The crushing financial impact of the coronavirus amplifies the pressure on chief marketing officers to demonstrate how they're driving overall business performance. The problem is, many first-time CMOs lack the broad range of skills and experience needed to be effective C-suite leaders, says Zach Peikon, a principal in Korn Ferry’s Marketing Officers practice.

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Skills Revolution Reboot: The 3Rs - Renew, Reskill, Redeploy

The huge workforce transformation that took place at speed in 2020 started as a health crisis and rapidly evolved into an economic and social crisis. Initially whole industries like hospitality, travel and even manufacturing froze overnight while others including technology, healthcare, logistics and grocery saw an immediate and sustained demand for workers. At the same time, companies digitized at a speed and scale they could never have imagined while 93% of people had the way they work, live and consume changed dramatically at the same time. Many of the trends we have been predicting for some time have accelerated significantly: adversity can often be a force for rapid change and for societies to advance. Digital transformation is occurring at an unprecedented pace – creating jobs and driving sweeping change with the potential to improve people’s lives and create a more connected world. Today tech breakthroughs are driving mass vaccination programs, workforce transformation and flexibility, plus a call for better work-life blend, more upskilling and greater autonomy over how, when and where work gets done – all welcome upsides of the pandemic.


2021 Top Women in Retail

Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC) is proud to present its 11th annual list of the top women executives in the retail industry. Like the prior 10 years, the 2021 Top Women in Retail list features a who’s who in the industry. Honorees, some of whom were nominated by WIRLC members, Inner Circle e-newsletter subscribers, WIRLC partners and retail industry insiders, were chosen based on several criteria, including position within their retail organizations, scope of responsibility within those positions, career achievements, involvement within the retail industry, and more. To be featured, all of the women answered a series of questions that offered great insights into their careers and what makes them tick.


2021 Back-to-Office Report

As organizations prepare to have their employees return to corporate offices and headquarters, go fully remote, or some hybrid of the two, there are still many questions that need to be answered and concerns to be addressed. The 2021 Back-to-Office Report, from Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC) and Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, features...

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Radically Reinventing Retail

Korn Ferry recently surveyed 100-plus retail executives about the ways their companies are reinventing recruitment, hiring, compensation and retention. Korn Ferry expects that the role of stores will continue to dramatically transform over the next three years to five years, and that these stores-of-the-future will require a new generation of store managers and store personnel to manage them.


2021 Top International Women in Retail

Women in Retail Leadership Circle’s first annual Top International Women in Retail report is an extension and precursor to the popular Top Women in Retail report. The global expansion mirrors WIRLC’s trajectory of growing its community of women retail leaders beyond the United States. In this special report, you’ll learn from 10 retail leaders headquartered in countries across the globe, such as Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Australia, and Russia.

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Moving Up: Talent Strategies for Retailers to Help Frontline Workers Advance

Through interviews with human resources and learning and development professionals in 16 large retail companies, this study documents how retailers design, implement, and think about approaches to advancement for frontline retail workers. This study by Urban Institute includes insights into the talent challenges businesses face, the strategies they use to help workers advance, the metrics that show whether their strategies are working, and considerations for policymakers in supporting frontline retail worker advancement.

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