Good or bad, what you put out into the world happens — thoughts, words, energy. Positive or negative. Words shared with another human being have some of the most power of all.

I’ve learned that my words are a force for others, but mostly for myself. Here are some guiding words to my 2021 self, and those who choose to come on this journey with me:

  • Think 10x. Aim high and far. Don’t let what was or what other people think limit you. Set a big goal, share that goal with others, and start making it happen.
  • Do 10x. Pick something and commit to making it 10x bigger, 10x faster, 10x better, 10x more impactful. Find a way to do that without 10x the brain damage, 10x the time, or 10x the resources, and you’ll make magic happen.
  • Learn 10x. Keep your mind open to new ideas, even ones that feel uncomfortable and foreign. Be willing to see your own shadow, to label your own biases, to understand the perspectives of someone who doesn’t think like you. Take bigger challenges, stretch yourself, take chances. Like one of my dear friends said, “Leap, and the net will appear.”
  • Love 10x. Love what you do. Be passionate about your work, your projects, your goals, and your hobbies. Love your family and friends ferociously. Love life — its glories, its frustrations, and its teachings. Love something bigger than yourself and watch the world change for the better. Love yourself.
  • Be 10x. Be a big, beautiful version of yourself. Don’t make yourself a quieter, tamer, more mainstream version of yourself to fit some mold. Take stock of those things that make you your authentic self, and 10x that. Be OK with the few who fall out of your orbit; they’re only making space for others to fall in.

I encourage you to state your own intentions; just make sure they’re 10x.