Cristina Ceresoli, vice president, intimates group at Chico’s FAS, is a Women in Retail Leadership Circle board member and retail marketing expert! The below is a first-person account of a typical day for her at the Naples, Fla.-based Chico’s FAS office, giving us a glimpse into her world and the opportunity to get to know her better!

4:50 am: I wake up and spend several minutes checking emails, messages, reports, and news. I like to see if there’s anything urgent that came through in the middle of the night that will set the course of my morning. Social media is 24/7, so my team is always on alert. After a quick sweep, it’s time to get out the door and start my day.

5:45 am: I try and work out at least three times during the week, and then on Saturday and Sunday, too. Motion frees my mind and gives me sustained positive energy throughout the week. This habit makes an important difference in my life, so I try and maintain my discipline and protect the time. And, of course, exercise also helps me feel less guilty about that piece of dark chocolate I eat every day after lunch.

7:45 am: I drive into the office. It’s easy to start my days with a great outlook given the beautiful view — the sun is often shining, and palm trees line the streets. My drive is about 35 minutes, so I try and use the time well, morning and night. There’s so much incredible content for us all to consume these days, and I’m currently devouring The CMO Podcast by Jim Stengel. It’s so good, I’m sad to turn it off when I arrive at work. Add this one to your listening list!

8:20 am: My husband makes wonderful coffee every morning, but if I forget to take my cup on the way out the door, I grab a delicious oat milk latte or turmeric latte from the Shift Coffee Bar located at our headquarters. These guys sell the best coffee, and they have a fabulous coffee bar on wheels (a bicycle) which you must experience. Goodness on the go!

8:30 am: To follow up on my very early morning sneak peek at reporting, I use the first bit of time in the office to review daily business reports to see where we are with sales, traffic, new customers, and brand awareness. I believe that all marketing leaders must be as tied into the business performance as they are into the marketing performance, so I use our scorecard to see the Soma marketing team’s hard work move the metrics in the right direction. It’s very rewarding and keeps us all honest in our pursuit of data-driven decision making.

9:00 am: I’m closely connected to our marketing leadership team, and we’re committed to each other, to our weekly planning meetings, and to making the most of our daily work with the larger team. The marketing leadership team are all very new in their roles. They’ve been together for six months and have made quick work of exceeding many goals in 2019. I can’t wait to see the amazing work we will accomplish together in 2020!

12:00 pm: Lunch is almost always a working lunch. The Soma Intimates corporate and stores teams drove big results in 2019, and we have a multiyear plan to continue to do the same. We use every minute we have together, both internally and with external vendors and partners. We have an incredible team at Chico’s FAS. We’re constantly pushing to the next level in CRM, supply chain, omnichannel technology enablement, and beyond. If we find ourselves in L.A., Atlanta, New York and anywhere else with our great partners, you can find us together day and night, from early morning exercise sessions to working lunches to fabulous evening dinners.

4:00 pm: Our senior leadership team at Soma is truly incredible. We’re a cross-functional team strongly united in our commitment to the future of Soma and the whole Soma team. Daily we tackle current business trends and actions, future planning and big ideas, and honestly assessing ourselves and each other in our effectiveness to drive the business to a better place. I’m a better leader and a better marketer because of this leadership team.

6:00 pm: After years of living all over the world and across the U.S., I’m constantly looking for time to connect with people who are not in the same city as me. I use my evening commute for calls with friends and family. I’m fortunate to know some wonderful, creative, funny and caring people. Our conversations always give me fresh perspective and make me smile.

7:00 pm: My husband works from home and travels a lot, so we celebrate the evenings and weekends we have together. Joseph is an incredible cook and is working on a cookbook, so we spend the evenings testing new recipes, just the two of us, and hosting friends when a recipe is ready for prime time. In addition to food, we both love art, so we’re constantly discussing current exhibitions and planning our next visit to see friends and attend events.

9:00 pm: I finish the day with a glass of wine and reading. Catching up on social media is a must. I love reading all the comments from our fans and community! After that, I wind down and unplug with a good book. I love reading, and have fiction and a nonfiction book going always. Right now, I’m really enjoying “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari.