Birchbox, an online monthly subscription service, is always on the cutting edge of retailing. Earlier this summer, Birchbox announced an augmented reality and direct mail marketing campaign to help promote the release of Birchbox Man. In addition, the retailer announced a partnership with Gap, bringing pop-up locations to six storefronts across the U.S. However, my favorite marketing campaign is #BirchboxInMyCity, the online retailer’s social media campaign bringing Birchbox pop-ups across the U.S. The campaign kicked off in Atlanta in June, followed by Chicago this past weekend. Its final stop will be Los Angeles to close out the summer.


The Chicago pop-up left a lasting impression this weekend with meet and greets, free manicures and haircuts, donuts and a create your own birch box station. The three-day pop-up store was a trending topic on the retailer’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“We found that we really tap into a different beauty consumer that isn’t really the focus of other retailers because she isn’t the highest spending,” Birchbox Co-Founder Katia Beauchamp told the Chicago Tribune. “She’s just the everyday woman who has a casual relationship with beauty, but we get her to double her spend in the category within six months. We can’t just be there for her online, we need to be there for her full stop.”FullSizeRender

The subscription-based retailer has grown exponentially since it launched five years ago, now counting over 1 million subscribers. The retailer, which offers samples from across 500 brands, has managed to raise $72 million in that five-year span. Its proven success has inspired other retailers to embrace the subscription model, including Sephora, which recently announced it too will provide a monthly subscription option.