On Oct. 2, Melinda Gates announced her pledge of $1 billion to promote gender equality in the United States through her company Pivotal Ventures. This is HUGE news, and Gates has positioned herself as one of the biggest advocates for gender equality in the world. However, Gates recognizes that her efforts are only part of the equality movement that’s been active for years. “It wasn’t just grand gestures that got us here,” Gates noted. “It was daily acts of courage, too.” That’s your reminder to keep advocating for yourself and other women, and to be courageous every day.

Gates is enacting this advocacy through three main pillars:

  • dismantling the barriers to women’s professional advancement;
  • fast-tracking women in sectors with outsized impact on our society, such as technology, media, and public office; and
  • mobilizing shareholders, consumers and employees to amplify external pressure on companies and organizations in need of reform.

I’m personally excited, inspired, and in awe of Gates’ fierce commitment to fight for every woman, and can’t wait to see how her initiatives change women’s lives.

WIRLC Site Makeover

Our website is getting a makeover! We’re so excited to be relaunching WIRLC’s website and Inner Circle e-newsletter in just a few weeks. You’ll notice a fresh color palette, more imagery, and an easier-to-use interface. We’re going to have member Q&A interviews so you can get to know WIRLC members better; more original content with our unique blend of retail strategy, leadership insights and executive professional development; and interactive features that drive community building and engagement. Stay tuned!

WIRLC: On the Road Events

We still have two On the Road events planned for this year: New York City on Oct. 24, and San Francisco on Nov. 7. These one-day events feature inspiring and informative content, private executive coaching opportunities, fun activations, networking with industry leaders, and more. The events end with cocktails and conversation for you to get even more networking time with your fellow attendees. Register today. I hope to see you there!

Kristina Stidham
Associate Content Editor
Women in Retail Leadership Circle