We’ve all experienced burnout over the past two years, or at least worked with someone who has. We’re always talking about it, and we’re sick of talking about it.

It’s a word that leaders in the retail industry are probably thinking about on a regular basis. How do they help their employees avoid burnout? How do they prevent people from leaving due to burnout? How do they help their team navigate through it?

David Hoke is the chief well-being officer at Thrive Global, a behavior change technology company started by Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of The Huffington Post. He joined Women in Retail Leadership Circle’s Co-Founder and President, Jennifer DiPasquale, for a webinar last week to talk about how to alleviate workplace stress and burnout, a mission that Thrive Global has taken on from its founding.

“This epidemic of burnout has been around forever; it just has been exposed more greatly now and accelerated,” Hoke said.

His recommendation: Before you can even think about helping others tackle burnout, you need to take care of yourself.

Thrive Global advises taking small steps — i.e., microsteps — to achieve big results, Hoke said. Small, daily actions can be taken that change behavior for the better, putting leaders in the right frame of mind when they turn to care for their employees.

One thing all leaders can do to alleviate stress and burnout is getting an adequate amount of sleep. For most of the population, that means seven hours to nine hours of sleep each night.

“We know very clearly that when you don’t adequately get your rest, your decision-making ability is impeded,” said Hoke.

Hoke shared some of the microsteps around sleep that Thrive Global staff have implemented, with positive results.

Don’t Sleep With Your Phone in Your Room

Hoke called the modern-day cell phone the “repository of all of your life’s problems,” and he’s not wrong. However, most of us start to imagine the headache and stress that comes when you’re not able to check your messages at all hours of the day and night.

Hoke suggested taking it a microstep further, and picking one night of the week to remove the phone from the bedroom before you go to sleep.

Don’t Check Your Phone When You Wake Up

Hoke said what you do right when you open your eyes in the morning sets the tone for your whole day. One microstep to this challenge is to give yourself one minute or two minutes after waking up before you check your phone.

Set a Digital Cutoff Time

Hoke suggests turning off notifications two hours before bed so you’re not bombarded by news and information when you’re trying to settle down for the night.

For more ideas and microsteps leaders can take to change their behavior and set a course for strong leadership in their workplaces, register now to view the webinar on-demand. By registering for the full webinar, you’ll get exclusive online access to Thrive Global CEO Arianna Huffington’s books, including The New York Times best-sellers “Thrive” and “The Sleep Revolution.” The webinar is free for Women in Retail Leadership Circle members and $79 for nonmembers.