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In a webinar it’s hosting next Tuesday (Feb. 9), Korn Ferry will address four workforce trends that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. A panel of subject matter experts from Korn Ferry will analyze the following four workforce trends, and what impact they could have on our professional careers:

  • Cognitive Load: The cognitive load aimed at us in our work and daily lives can leave us depleted and lost in a maze of information, useful and useless alike. The speakers will discuss the impact of cognitive load on health and productivity.
  • Team Charters: Having clarity around team purpose and goals is the key to a high-performing team, especially in a time when teams are often created and expected to deliver in a short period of time. This webinar will look into why teams should codify their “rules of engagement” before diving into task mode.
  • Changing Career Paths to Leadership Roles: We need different leaders tomorrow — and organizations are rethinking what career paths will deliver the experiences those leaders will need.
  • Workforce Challenges of Flatter Organizations: Organizations have flattened, for reasons ranging from cost to inclusion. However, unintended consequences abound.

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