Imagine the chaos that would be a team without a coach. Sure, everyone knows how to play the game and they’re familiar with their own skill sets, yet it would be absurd to set them lose without some coaching.

Why are we so quick to hire a personal trainer for our fitness, but put off meeting with career coaches? An expert coach with an unbiased perspective can help us utilize our past and present to best prepare our professional future — not to mention leave you feeling refreshed and motivated about your work life.

Not sure where to start? How about in Miami, with us! A Women in Retail Leadership Summit exclusive, our “Coaches Corner” is where Women in Retail-certified coaches offer 10 hours to 15 hours of free coaching over the duration of our event. Interested attendees can sign up for 30-minute meetings with our coaches. Coaches who have signed on to participate include:

Take some time to discover which coach would be a good fit for you and, remember, registration for the Women in Retail Leadership Summit is open!

Let us know if you have any questions about the confirmed coaches or the event. See you in October!