Over the last two years, Debbie Sterling, founder of toy company GoldieBlox, has made a dramatic impact on the “pink aisle.” With a business plan to create engineering-friendly toys for young girls, Sterling was able to raise over $150,000 in just four days on Kickstarter for the startup. Video marketing has helped propel GoldieBlox from fledgling startup into a recognizable brand. Following a highly publicized dispute with the Beastie Boys over its Super Bowl commercial — GoldieBlox used the group’s hit song “Girls” in a parody toy video — GoldieBlox is back with a new viral ad.

The video opens with a pretty alarming statistic: “Fashion dolls teach girls to value beauty over brains. One is sold every three seconds.” The ad features a line of young girls decked out in identical pink, glittery outfits with matching boas and heels grabbing dolls from a conveyor belt, while listening to an automated “big sister” say “you are beauty, and beauty is perfection.” With the song “Help I’m Alive” by the Metric playing in the background, the ad shows a young girl in overalls and Chucks taking a hammer to the automated message, breaking from conformity and introducing GoldiBlox’s newest action figure. (Keep a lookout for the message at the very end of the ad.)

The Orwellian spot reminiscent of Apple’s 1984 commercial isn’t the first time GoldieBlox has paid homage to well-known ads. The company’s previous viral hits include Rube Goldberg “Princess Machine” and “This is Your Brain on Princess.”

While some are saying that GoldieBlox’s ad for its new action figure is haunting, everyone agrees there’s no denying its message. With over 500,000 views on YouTube already, the company continues the conversation of empowering young girls.

You can see GoldieBlox in action during this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade with “The Girl-Power Spinning Machine” float, which is designed to showcase engineering principles alongside the likes of traditional characters such as Garfield, Snoopy and Mickey.