Well, now that the election is over…

It’s been a wild ride, and regardless of who you voted for, it will be great to get back all of that time we’ve spent watching debates, talking about politics, and reading news articles and friends’ Facebook posts about the election over the past few months! Let’s all move forward and get ready for the holidays and beyond!

Meanwhile, we have a lot of great content in today’s issue. For starters, we have a great podcast from Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, founder and CEO of Joyus and founder of theBoardlist, who spoke at Girl Talks West in San Francisco last month about why it’s important for women to be on corporate boards.

Also, be sure to check out the Forbes article below featuring Julia Gudish Krieger, a Women in Retail Leadership Circle member and founder of New York-based VillageLuxe, a company that lets women either lend or rent high-end fashion items like Birkin bags and Louboutin heels for around $200 a week. Participation is by invitation only. So far, 1,000 renters and lenders have joined the site and there’s a waiting list of 12,000. In the article, Julia describes making the leap from venture capital to starting her own business, as well as why women want to rent out their nicest clothes.

Until next week!

Melissa Campanelli, Co-Founder, Women in Retail Leadership Circle