Total Retail’s first annual Salary Benchmark Report features salary data from the brand’s audience of retail executives, representing organizations of all sizes and product verticals. The data was analyzed based upon a number of variables, including gender, age, experience, title, education level, company size (measured by annual revenue), retail vertical and geographic region. In addition to data collected on salaries, the report also examined retail executives’ benefits packages (financial and non-financial), career growth opportunities at their current companies, and views on how fairly they’re being compensated.

We’ll be continuing to bring you data —broken down by gender — from this groundbreaking report to kick off 2017. This week, we feature a chart that breaks down financial benefits received by gender.


The chart above features specific benefits broken down by gender. While some of the benefits received are split pretty evenly between men and women — e.g., paid vacation, sick leave, health care insurance — there is one benefit that’s oddly uneven. Nearly 60 percent of the retailers surveyed who receive extended maternity/paternity leave are men. Additionally, 57 percent of those respondents who earn child care subsidies are men, compared to 43 percent of women.

The three benefits that are most heavily offered to women are flexible spending accounts (FSAs), vision insurance, and health and wellness programs. FSAs are top, with 57 percent of female respondents saying they have eligibility for such a benefit compared to 43 percent of men.

We’d like to see these numbers 50/50 across the board. More work needs to be done by employers to ensure that women are compensated on the same level as their male counterparts, especially to help make maternity and paternity leave equal. We hope the start of new year means new beginnings!

Total Retail’s Salary Benchmark Report was produced under the direction of Nathan Safran, director of research at NAPCO Media, parent company of Total Retail and the Women in Retail Leadership Circle. You can download the report here. We hope you do!