Welcome to “Ladies Who Launch,” our newest feature that profiles women who have founded interesting retail and e-commerce startups. This week we chatted with Shereen Campbell, the e-commerce and outlet planner for Vince, who just launched My Little Magic Shop, an e-commerce company that sells products, kits and a subscription service aimed at simplifying spiritual practices.

Inner Circle: Tell us about My Little Magic Shop. What does it sell?
Shereen Campbell: We provide products aimed at simplifying spiritual practices. Our goal is to empower people and create products that inspire, empower and enlighten.

There are so many different type of spiritual practices out there — yoga, candle work, meditation, visualization, to name a few — and sometimes they can be confusing or not accessible to the average person. We want to make items that allow people to connect with themselves and whatever their higher power is, in a way that’s simple and fun.

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IC: What was your inspiration for starting the company?
SC: I’m that quirky girlfriend you have that’s always attending odd seminars and classes, but you know you can always go to for good advice regarding empowerment. Last year, I was in this place of feeling like something was missing. So, me being me, I decided to experiment with the law of attraction, candles and intention. I wrote down a list basically begging the universe to open a path for me to figure out how I can contribute to the world in a meaningful way, that was unique to me and my passions. After writing the list, I lit a candle then recited the list out loud.

A few weeks later, the idea started to sparkle, but what really solidified it was watching a couple of other friends who through my direction started to manifest intentions they lit candles for as well. I realized that I had a knack for leading people in a direction that helped them empower themselves. This fueled my desire to create a way for others to find simple ways to see their own magic. My Little Magic Shop does exactly that — help others remember their own special magic.

IC: How did you come up with the funds and gumption to start your own company?
SC: So far, I’ve bootstrapped the company through my savings, paychecks and some good old resourcefulness. I’m very fortunate to have friends who are happy and willing to provide whatever gifts they have, including marketing, design or advice. We also plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign very soon, especially for Zenbox, our subscription service.

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IC: You also have a shop on Etsy. Did you start there and then decide to launch a full-fledged site?
SC: We do have an Etsy shop, and we launched it very close to the main site. We thought it would be an awesome way to drive traffic!

IC: What are your goals for My Little Magic Shop?
SC: My dream is for My Little Magic Shop to become an omnichannel resource for products that empower, inspire and enlighten. We would love to have stores across the country that not only sell products but can provide seminars and workshops to educate and excite people! We want to be the place people go to learn and walk away feeling they’re closer to themselves.

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IC: What advice can you give our readers who might want to start their own companies?
SC: Just do it! It sounds cliche, but I think that the best thing you can do is just start. Don’t worry about if it can be done, just worry about the first step. I would also say, be resourceful; everyone has family and friends who would love to see their loved ones go after their dreams. Lean on them, not in a taking advantage type of way, but as a way to help fuel your belief in yourself and your belief that anything is possible. Those are the people who will help to keep your fire burning, even if it gets tough. They will pick you up when you fall. Be sure to do the same for them. That’s how you build a circle where you can all evolve and progress together.