Hello Women in Retail Leadership Circle community!

Many of you have shared with us recently that you’re in the process of determining “what’s next” for your companies as vaccination rates rise and restrictions lift, specifically as it relates to bringing employees back to corporate offices.

Most leaders have acknowledged the 9-5, commuting five-days-a-week work schedule will remain in a past where we owned not a single mask. But who on the executive team will remain 100 percent remote? What does a hybrid work environment look like? Will pay scales need to be adjusted if employees can move, and for that matter, will the same benefits be applicable nationwide? If you aren’t the one making these decisions, who is and how will it affect your team?

I’m sure you’ve thought about all of this and much more. As such, Women in Retail Leadership Circle and its sister brands, Total Retail and Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, are conducting a Back to Office survey to provide you with data to help inform your own company’s plans for reopening corporate offices and headquarters. However, we need your help to make this study as robust as possible. Please take the brief survey, which should take no more than five minutes to seven minutes, here.

Respondents will be entered to win a $100 DoorDash gift card! Thanks in advance for your participation!

On-Demand Period to Expire for Leadership Days

In other news, remember you only have until this Thursday (May 13) to register for on-demand content from last month’s Women in Retail Leadership Days event. (If you’ve already registered for Leadership Days, there’s no charge to view the content on-demand.) I especially liked the following sessions: How Reebok is Creating an Inclusive Culture, and COVID-19’s Impact on Working Women … And What to Do About It.

Was there a speaker you liked so much that you just have to go back and re-watch or send to a friend or colleague? Or perhaps you missed part or all of the event when it aired live, and you want to go back and view it on-demand? Don’t miss out, as the clock is ticking. Register to view the content on-demand here.