Our careers are a series of choices, some of which may feel daunting or career-ending. What do you do when you become paralyzed by fear and unable to act? And what if you make a move that doesn’t work out the way you had hoped? How do you continue to take risks to find success, not once but many times?

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy believes that taking risks catalyzes career success. As a leading technology executive, entrepreneur, founder of theBoardlist, former president of StubHub, author of The Wall Street Journal best-seller “Choose Possibility,” and more, she’s no stranger to risk-taking and its rewards.

Singh Cassidy will be one of our incredible keynote speakers at the upcoming Women in Retail Leadership Summit (April 25-27, Miami). She will share her unique career journey and what she’s learned from it. Furthermore, Singh Cassidy will offer a new perspective for anyone afraid of making the wrong career choices. She will share her own misfires, unexpected circumstances, and surprising outcomes. Through strategies, tips and provocative insights, Singh Cassidy will offer a refreshingly new road map and reveal the secrets of successful risk-taking for our attendees.

The Summit speaker lineup is stacked with powerful retail veterans, visionary executives, change-maker entrepreneurs, and inspirational female leaders that span multiple industries. Can you believe the event is only three months away? We can’t wait to see the sandy beaches and feel the sunshine at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami from April 25-27! And even better, we’ll be there with nearly 400 amazing executive women who are making waves in the retail space. Register to join us at the 2022 Women in Retail Leadership Summit now before the event sells out!