Last month in the Inner Circle, I presented a list of valuable resources to help retail business leaders fight racism and become better allies. A key resource included in that list was a Fast Company article that discussed a plea from Aurora James, founder of the Brooklyn boutique Brother Vellies, for major retailers across the country to commit to buying 15 percent of their merchandise from black-owned businesses. The campaign is dubbed the 15 Percent Pledge. Since writing about the 15 Percent Pledge, several readers and members have reached out to me to tell me the program resonated with them, and as such would love to find a list of Black-owned businesses they could support both through their retail organizations as well as consumers. I did some research and found the following resources:

  • Looking for a Black-owned business to support? There’s an app for that. And it’s called Official Black Wall Street, which connects consumers with thousands of Black-owned businesses in 10 countries worldwide. The directory, which launched in 2015, has become particularly popular recently at a time of heightened momentum around the #BuyBlack movement.
  •  This great list from New York Magazine features 125 Black-owned businesses (headquartered all over the country and online) you can support, in seven different categories — from beauty to bookstores to gift shops, among others.
  • Dough is a new venture-backed e-commerce site and subscription service that can help anyone quickly find and buy consumer goods in every category, from health and beauty, to fashion and accessories and beyond from women-owned businesses. Recently, Dough launched a shop on its website where visitors could purchase from brands founded by people of color. Check it out!
  • Here’s a list of black-owned businesses featured on, an online platform associated with the #MyBlackReceipt Movement, which mobilized shoppers to spend at least $100 at Black-owned businesses from Juneteenth to July 6, with a goal of $5 million dollars spent. Check out the rest of the list for some great businesses to support.
  • The Female Founders Collective is a group whose mission is to enable and empower female-owned and led businesses to positively impact our communities, both socially and economically. The Collective recently launched a Black women-owned business directory, which includes a list of brands you can start supporting right now. You can also submit a business here.
  • Marie Claire has come up with a list of 70 Black-owned brands to support today and every day, as well as a list of 30 Black-owned beauty brands you’ll never stop talking about.