Women in Retail Leadership Circle’s sister brand, Total Retail, is conducting a brief survey as part of a larger research report to better understand retailers use of technology, including their technology buying processes. We’d love to have the WIRLC community participate in this survey, as well as receive the subsequent report. If you haven’t done so already, kindly complete the survey by clicking here.

The data compiled from this survey, which will remain anonymous and only be used in aggregate, will serve as a critical resource for retailers and brands as they evaluate their technology buying decisions, including what they’re currently investing in and what they plan to spend on in the future.

The comprehensive report will be a valuable resource for retailers looking to obtain insights into the technology landscape within the industry, both where brands are currently and where they’re headed in the future. For retailers, the data serves as a benchmarking tool to see how their technology stacks compare to their competitors, and perhaps where they might want to adjust their spending. Furthermore, the data will help retailers to identify the technology trends that figure to have the biggest impact on their businesses in the second half of 2019, and, of course, the holiday shopping season. 

By completing the survey, which takes less than 10 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to win an Apple Watch as a token of our appreciation. You’ll also get exclusive, first access to the subsequent report.

We appreciate your help on this survey. Total Retail is a leading resource for the retail industry, and we’d like to share one of its most popular annual reports with the WIRLC community. Again, you can complete the survey here