In the Winter 2016 issue of Total Retail (sister brand of Women in Retail Leadership Circle), the cover story featured the brand’s annual list of the leading female executives in the retail industry. To get know the 17 honorees better, Total Retail sent them each six questions. Here are select answers from some of this year’s honorees to the question, “What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?”

Shelley Broader, President and CEO, Chico’s
“My most important life roles are crystal clear: I’m a wife and mom first. I’m also a sister, community volunteer and loyal friend. I love a great night getting dressed up and getting out on the town, and I also love hanging out in jeans with my husband and kids over breakfast and some conversation. I love to cook. I’ve been known to make a whole weekend out of finding just the right ingredients for some incredibly complicated recipe to master from scratch.”

Jan Clevenger, Executive Vice President, General Merchandising Manager, Belk
“I love the outdoors, so anything I can do outside is a ton of fun. Charlotte offers lake living, so I water ski most every weekend during the summer. This winter I’ve started snow skiing in the mountains around Blowing Rock, N.C., which is less than two hours away. The ocean is another big draw for me, so a trip to Charleston, Ponte Vedra or Longboat Key are always on my short list of places for relaxing time at the beach.”

Mary Dillon, CEO, ULTA Beauty
“I love spending time with my husband, our four children as well as the extended family, many of whom live in Chicago. My husband and I, who are almost empty-nesters, love visiting local music venues as well as enjoying the outdoors. Often we spend time together doing one or both of those things.”

Marci Grebstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Lowe’s
“I truly enjoy spending time with my family and walking my two dogs. The pups bring simple fun and energy to my life. I also love to cook, but a new hobby that took me by surprise is yoga. A little more than a year ago, a friend of mine invited me to try yoga with her, and I went hesitantly. But after the first time, I immediately felt like my posture was straighter and my presence was stronger. I also felt more grounded and introspective. Now I’m hooked. At Lowe’s, one of our values is to give your best, always. That’s the same with yoga. The community is so supportive and the practice of yoga inspires us to give our best each time. That’s why it is called a “practice” — it’s never perfect. Yoga also gives me a space to reflect about what’s important to me.”