In a session at last month’s Women in Retail Leadership Days virtual event, Donna Karan, founder of Urban Zen, was interviewed by Helen Aboah, CEO of Urban Zen, about the former’s career transformation from world-renowned fashion icon to philanthropic leader. Karan delved into a variety of subjects during the wide-ranging interview, including how she got her start in the fashion industry, the challenges she had to overcome throughout the first phase of her career, and how those obstacles focused her vision on creating a brand built upon conscious consumerism.

In this clip from the session, Karan addresses her biggest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, both personally and professionally, and what she believes is the biggest key to overcoming them.

“We are at a fight right now in this country,” noted Karan. “We have a country that is bifurcated. We are not all on the same page. It’s not about me as a designer; it’s about we as designers. Come together to collaborate and create a new way of doing business. Community, consciousness, and change. From clothing to dressing and addressing. I want to live in a community.”

Women in Retail Leadership Circle members can watch a recording of Karan and Aboah’s full keynote discussion here.

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