Margot Bloomstein, principal of Appropriate, Inc., and author of “Trustworthy: How the Smartest Brands Beat Cynicism and Bridge the Trust Gap,” believes that cynicism is cheap, hope takes work, and trust bridges the distance between them. In this video, Bloomstein discusses the unique opportunities that brand and retail marketers and content strategists have to foster trust. In addition, she shares a three-part framework that brands can use to establish rapport, including:

  • Voice: the consistent, familiar way in which a brand represents itself verbally and visually.
  • Volume: the amount of information offered to the target audience to help consumers make a purchase decision.
  • Vulnerability: transparent interpersonal leadership and brand communication.

Bloomstein also stresses that staying consistent during this uncertain period of the COVID-19 pandemic is essential to maintaining brand loyalty and confidence. Watch her full video above to learn which well-known retailers and brands have done this well, how your business can implement this framework, and more.

Margot Bloomstein is one of the leading voices in the content strategy industry. In addition to “Trustworthy: How the Smartest Brands Beat Cynicism and Bridge the Trust Gap,” she’s also the author of “Content Strategy at Work: Real-World Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Project.” She’s the principal of Appropriate, Inc., a brand and content strategy consultancy based in Boston. As a speaker and strategic adviser, Bloomstein has worked with marketing teams in a range of leading organizations over the past two decades. The creator of BrandSort, she developed the popular message architecture-driven approach to content strategy. Bloomstein teaches in the content strategy graduate program at FH Joanneum University in Graz, Austria, and lectures around the world about brand-driven content strategy and designing for trust.