Acceleration of the digitization of the customer experience and the supply chain as well as leaning into customer needs and wants are just a few ways the pandemic has changed the retail industry, according Julie Pike, chief merchant at Bonobos, who spoke during the July Women in Retail and Total Retail Virtual Exchange

For Bonobos, the pandemic was a time when the men’s apparel retailer reached out to its customers with surveys and questionnaires to get real-time information and learnings about its products — and the brand in general — so it could meet its customers’ wants and needs in the moment.

“This helped us be nimble and agile, but also remain true to the brand values that we stand for,” Pike said.

During the wide-ranging discussion with Jennifer DiPasquale, president and co-founder of Women in Retail Leadership Circle, Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, and Total Retail, Pike discussed her career journey; what it’s like being a female leader in the retail space, specifically for a male brand; how she’s motivating her team and creating a winning culture at Bonobos; and more.

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