While attending the 2022 National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show in New York City last month, Women in Retail Leadership Circle spoke to five female minority business owners featured in the event’s DE&I Showcase. Gwen Beloti, founder and designer of women’s gold jewelry brand Gwen Beloti Collection, is a Black jewelry designer who is focused on serving women of all shapes and sizes with her accessory collection.

In this video, Beloti shares how her personal struggle with fit and a love of jewelry inspired the launch of the brand, how she got started without any formal training in jewelry design, and why it’s important that her products be accessible and inclusive to all. She discusses the Gwen Beloti Collection brand ambassador and affiliate programs, as well as the biggest challenge she’s had to overcome as a woman, an entrepreneur, and a minority business owner. Lastly, Beloti shares how she brings size inclusivity into her jewelry and what she’s focused on for brand growth in 2022.