When it comes to failure, Rebecca Minkoff, co-founder, owner and creative director of Rebecca Minkoff, isn’t afraid.

During an interview with CEO of Cover FX and Women in Retail Leadership Circle Advisory Board member Emily Culp at the Women in Retail Leadership Circles’ On the Road event in New York City last week, Minkoff said the most important thing to do when making a huge career change or starting a new business is to strip the idea that it will be terrible if you fail.

“It’s OK if we fail,” Minkoff said. “[In my career] I’ve stared failure head on and went through the exercise of confronting it. And when you confront it and you don’t run away from it, and [if] you’re able to start making solutions and putting things into place, then you can be more analytical about it. Don’t be afraid to look failure in the face, to explore it and touch it and feel it and turn it around … really get in there. And then make sure to have a person to bounce ideas off of or to help you get out of whatever it is.”

Minkoff added, “you fail as much as you succeed in business, and that’s part of the journey.”

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