During a Women in Retail Leadership Days keynote session earlier this month, fashion and retail industry icon Diane von Furstenberg covered a wide array of topics in an interview with Sandra Campos, former CEO, Diane von Furstenberg (DVF). From what led to her career in the fashion industry to how her childhood helped mold her as a woman and leader, von Furstenberg provided a glimpse into her creative and inspiring mind in this open and honest conversation.

In this clip from the session, von Furstenberg addresses her “in charge manifesto” and how that translates into her own behavior as a leader. Specifically, she identifies four micro-steps that leaders must take to truly be in charge. They include:

  1. connect;
  2. expand;
  3. inspire; and
  4. advocate.

“Being in charge is truly making a commitment to yourself,” von Furstenberg says.

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