Incorporating inclusivity through marketing efforts is something many brands are experimenting with in 2021 as businesses grow. For lingerie brand Savage X Fenty, inclusivity isn’t just a marketing technique, but a pillar of the company, along with empowerment and confidence. Christiane Pendarvis, co-president, chief merchandising and design officer, Savage X Fenty, shared this with the audience during last month’s Women in Retail and Total Retail Virtual Exchange.

“For us, it really represented the white space that we saw within the market,” Pendarvis explained. “Apparel in particular has been an industry that’s been late to change. We think about what’s happened culturally with women, the Me Too movement, and how women have reclaimed the sense of power, particularly around their identity and their expression of intimacy […]. We really saw an opportunity to embrace that, embrace the moment, embrace the now of what’s happening culturally and bring that to the lingerie category.”

Pendarvis also shared that sensuality and sexiness are so important to Savage X Fenty’s brand identity because those traits are important to a woman’s identity.

“We really sort of had an obligation almost to showcase people who haven’t been showcased by this industry,” said Pendarvis. “We’re told you can’t be sexy if you don’t fit into this narrow ideal, this narrow model of what sexy is […] And I do think that’s part of the reason why our brand has resonated with so many women.”

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