A big responsibility for industry leaders is to help develop the next generation that follows. At Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC), mentorship is important to our organization and our members, and we know how valuable guidance from peers can be. Here are five pieces of advice our members have for the next generation of women leaders:

  1. Worry Less About Job Titles
     “Say yes, and/or find roles that sound interesting to you. Don’t worry about a linear career path.” — Susie Kuhn, Vice President/General Manager, Foot Locker Europe
  2. Learn to Network
    “Aim to network for the long term and try to be a valuable resource to your network without expecting anything in return. You’ll find that life comes full circle.” — Angela Hsu, Senior Vice President, Marketing and E-Commerce, Lamps Plus
  3. Keep Moving Forward
    “Never give up and, most importantly, never forget WHY you started. Focus on your story and don’t let FEAR hold you back. When something goes wrong or not according to plan, get back up, keep moving forward, believe in yourself, and remember good things take time.” — Tiffany Narbonne, Founder, CEO and Lead Designer, T. Jazelle
  4. Get Innovative
    “Stay the course. Be yourself. The ideas and ideals of the past are now what’s going to drive the future.” — Stephanie Wood, Director, Department Stores and Internet, Sperry, Wolverine Worldwide
  5. Set Boundaries
    “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t ‘have it all,’ meaning a successful career and a great life at home with your family. It is absolutely possible; you can climb the ladder and still be a great wife and mother. It’s all about setting boundaries and never feeling guilty about missing something at work or at home. — Celeste Risimini-Johnson, Chief Merchandising Officer, Barnes & Noble College

What advice do you have for the next generation of women leaders? Let us know in our forum!