Hello Inner Circle readers!

Well, our first Women in Retail Leadership Circle: On the Road event was a huge success (if we must say so ourselves!). The event, which took place at the Stewart Hotel in New York City, featured fabulous keynote speakers, panel discussions, pop-up shops, unique networking opportunities and, of course, fantastic swag. Over the past few days we’ve received wonderful notes from speakers, attendees and sponsors, thanking us for the event and letting us know that they walked away feeling energized and inspired.

Here are a few inspirational thoughts from the retail rockstars who spoke at the event, which we posted on our social pages @WIRLeadership. Hope they help to brighten your day!

  • Sometimes you have to accept you may not get everything done in a single day. Choose and prioritize the right things. — Michelle Kelly, CEO, @LillyPulitzer
  • You need to take care of yourself to take care of others. You need to keep that in mind. Simplify what’s important for your life. — Sharon Leite, CEO, @VitaminShoppe
  • Not sure if you can have it all, but you can have what’s important to you. — Michelle Kelly, CEO, @LillyPulizer
  • Make people feel a part of the journey. They’ll remember how you made them feel more than what you did. — Heather Kaminetsky, founder, Riley
  • Know what your hire’s measurement for success is, and talk with them about it. — Michelle Kelly, CEO, @LillyPulitzer
  • Don’t ever underestimate yourself. — Miki Racine Berardelli, CEO, @KidboxOfficial
  • Don’t forget to advocate for yourself. Know your worth. — Jane Elfers, CEO, @childrensplace 

And remember, ladies, our road trip is far from over. We’ll be hosting a Women in Retail Leadership Circle: On the Road event in San Francisco on Nov. 7. Much like the New York event, attendees will experience inspiring presentations from women leaders in the retail space; uncover trending leadership strategies; and learn about the latest retail tech trends and best practices.

There are only 10 seats left, however, so make sure to register today!


Melissa Campanelli
Women in Retail Leadership Circle