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Author: Angela Civitella

Angela Civitella is CEO and founder of INTINDE and a business leadership coach. She knows firsthand the rollercoaster ride of building a successful business, managing a team and working your way up the never-ending executive ladder. She knows the feeling of waking up each day, not sure what to tackle first and where to head next. Angela has been through enough transitions to know that change is great if you embrace it and truly adapt. But it’s never easy to see the enlightened path when you feel trapped and unsure which path is truly right for you. Angela has successfully transitioned from being a middle manager to being a top executive in her field, having taken over a multi-million dollar business and making it thrive. She went on to build a $60million+ international real estate firm, which she actively manages. After effectively teaching a number of entrepreneurs and executives her winning leadership formula, she discovered her passion for coaching. She created INTINDE to help others find their passions and maximize their potential, be it in mastering a project, a team, or bringing their business to the next level. To learn more about Angela, visit