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Author: Erica Sosna

Known for her fun, story-laden and practical approach to coaching and facilitation, Erica Sosna is a career consultant expert, a published author in the field, TEDx Speaker and an authority on the subject of career matters.

She is a professional member of the Association for Coaching and Erica trains other coaches to become Your Career Plan coaching accredited and make use of the power of The Career Equation® in their practice. 

Erica credits her love of story, her journey in personal development, her performances as a biographical storyteller and the survival instincts of her first generation migrant parents as her primary inspirations. 

Her company, Career Matters, empowers employees to have the right career conversation at the right time.

This improves their performance and drives morale. It also cuts turnover and the cost of losing that talent.

Career Matters provides digital learning, virtual masterclasses and in-person group coaching to help people to own and design their ideal career trajectory in their company.