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Author: Hortense le Gentil

Hortense le Gentil is an Executive Leadership Coach and #MG100 Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach. She partners with leaders to analyze problems and determine best possible solutions. Le Gentil’s coaching expertise includes cultural and self-awareness, entrepreneurship, leadership presence, leadership style and organizational dynamics. Prior to coaching full-time, le Gentil spent over 30 years in business in various industries, including media consulting, advertising, technological innovation and entrepreneurship (in metals recycling). As Director of Advertising at media conglomerate Lagardere and later at L’Express-Roulata she managed advertising and strategy for clients that included Air France’s inflight magazine, Madame. Before that, she spent 10 years as a media manager with Havas Worldwide, where she oversaw media consulting and strategy for clients including Chanel International, Peugeot, Rhone Poulenc and Canal+. In 2007, le Gentil founded and became CEO of HLG Management, a metals recycling company for niche professions that developed a process to transform metal residue into reusable materials. She is now a Thinkers50 nominee and Founder and CEO of JAY Consulting, a firm committed to coaching senior, including C-Suite, executives and entrepreneurs toward positive leadership behaviors.

The Power of Embracing Diversity

How can you nurture collective alignment while encouraging diversity? When dealing with cultures, modes of thinking, backgrounds, or outlooks different from your own, creating and maintaining alignment by communicating effectively and adjusting to new circumstances or environments is particularly crucial — and challenging. It’s important to note that alignment doesn’t mean pressuring others to think...


Rewiring Your Brain: Why Leaders Should Tap Into the Right Side of Their Brain

Scientists are rediscovering the virtues of the right hemisphere of our brains, the seat of emotion, intuition and empirical intelligence. As our world becomes more and more connected, it’s no surprise that a new movement born on the West Coast is proclaiming the supremacy of the right side of the brain. The media is buzzing...