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Author: Mimi Lettunich

Mimi Lettunich is the founder, president and executive creative director at Twenty Four 7, a creative agency that reimagines how customers experience a brand, and how brands use experiences to grow their business A seasoned strategist and advocate for testing new ideas, Mimi brings an “anything is possible” mentality to business and creative. Working alongside her team to strategically connect people with brands in unique ways, Mimi translates consumer passions into authentic brand loyalty. Known for her deep curiosity, endless drive, and comfort with risk, Mimi’s pioneering approach to brand building has inspired collaborations with major companies, including Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Google, the NFL, and others. With Mimi’s leadership, Twenty Four 7 is regularly ranked among the Top Women-Owned Businesses and Top independently-Owned Business in Portland, Oregon.


3 Keys to Holiday 2021 Success for Retailers

COVID-19 reshaped the retail shopping landscape for good, and brands across the globe seek to understand what these shifts mean for their customer engagement strategy. Our agency spent the past 18 months exploring the trends taking shape and strategizing what experiences will be most effective in helping retail brands win in our new world. We...