I read a really interesting article this week in Forbes that, like so many other articles published the second week of February, is all about Valentine’s Day. But what set this article apart, written by Bryan Robinson, is that it focused on what’s probably the most important relationship you’ll ever have: the one with yourself.

The article, “How Loving Yourself Can Remove Career Blockers and Fuel Success,” smartly doesn’t focus on ways to celebrate the day of love when single (Make Yourself Breakfast in Bed! Have a Date With Yourself!). Instead, it reminds readers that while Valentine’s Day is a time to focus on the importance of love and compassion toward others, it’s also a time to focus on loving yourself. And by doing so, you can even improve your career.

To wit, Robinson argues that while many of us may have been taught that self-love is selfish, “it’s selfish not to love yourself, and self-judgment builds barriers to career advancement. Only as you cultivate the right attitude toward yourself will you have the right attitude toward success. Negative self-judgments actually reduce job performance and increase stress, whereas self-compassion — the loving kindness, supportive treatment you give to yourself during job challenges; personal shortcomings; and career setbacks — is a more powerful stress-resilient tool.”

Check out the article and let me know what you think!

Here’s to loving ourselves this Valentine’s Day!

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