I read a really interesting article this week in New York Magazine that, like so many articles published the second week of February, is all about Valentine’s Day. But what set the article, written by Ann Friedman, apart is how astute it is in casting a light on the most important relationship you’ll ever have: the one with yourself.

The article, “How to Have a Good Relationship — With Yourself,” smartly doesn’t focus on ways to celebrate the day of love when single (Make Yourself Breakfast in Bed! Have a Date With Yourself!). Instead — and contrary to much of the advice peppering the internet — it assumes that most adults are in a variety of relationships (with friends, spouses, children, etc.) and therefore focuses on how important it is to make time for self-love when in those relationships.

To wit, the article says “when you’re happily spending lots of your time with another person, it’s easy to forget that you should also be spending time with yourself. Alone. And not just treating yourself, but really thinking about who you are and what you want.” The article goes on to offer a few ways to help in that regard, such as setting creative goals or reading “The Artist’s Way,” a book that outlines a week-by-week plan for getting in touch with your creative impulses and spending more structured time with yourself.

Take a look at Friedman’s article and think about all the ways in which you can improve your relationship with yourself. All long-term relationships — those with spouses, partners, children, family, friends, work associates — take time, effort and respect. Like it or not, you’re in a relationship with yourself your entire life. May as well get to work.

Here’s to loving ourselves this Valentine’s Day!

Melissa Campanelli
Women in Retail Leadership Circle

P.S.: Yesterday, we here at the Inner Circle celebrated “Galentine’s Day,” a holiday made famous by iconic character Leslie Knope in a particularly funny “Parks and Recreation” episode. We’re totally behind Leslie’s message: “a day for ladies celebrating ladies.” We love this message so much that we’ve decided to offer a discount around it to qualifying retailers interested in attending the Women in Retail Leadership Summit, taking place April 16-18 at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami. If you’re interested in our special offer, please email me at mcampanelli@napco.com.