Can women find a good work-life balance and truly have it all? And by “all,” I mean the whole shebang — success in work, family, friends, health and the elusive brass ring, balance. Well ladies, I have a super solid answer. Wait for it … I have no idea. There, I said it.

I was recently on a call with two vloggers, Cat and Nat, who if you’re not following you should be. They talk about “Mom Truths,” and the real deal about balancing and juggling it all (and they’re freaking hilarious). Check out one of my fave clips: Things Moms Think About.

And holla, they’re speaking at our upcoming Women in Retail Leadership Summit, taking place April 26-April 28 at the Four Seasons in Miami. BE THERE! OK, OK, enough of the shameless plugs. Back to Cat and Nat. We were talking about how women can achieve this elusive, lovely thing called life balance, and they said something that struck a chord with me.

Once you let go of the guilt we women all have about everything — mom guilt, work guilt, guilt that you aren’t taking care of your friendships enough, guilt that you aren’t taking care of yourself and body enough, etc., then you can embrace the chaos and strive for balance. And balance won’t happen every week or every day for that matter. It’s a fluid, living and breathing thing.

I recently posted on WIRLC’s Instagram page a quote that I love: “Some days I have it all together, and some days I look for my phone while holding it.” That’s it in a nutshell, right? Some days I feel so productive and accomplished, and I’ve done more by 8 a.m. than some people do in a week. I’ve exercised, written proposals, touched base with at least 20 different colleagues on various projects, walked the dog and packed healthy lunches.

And some days it all goes to hell and I could use a strong cocktail by 10 a.m. Cue me putting the wrong kid’s homework in the wrong bookbag, actually stepping ON the dog, and missing a super important conference call that I flipping scheduled a month ago. Sigh … Let’s face it, life gets overwhelming and messy at times, especially for women who are trying to find daily balance.

However, I do know this: when I talk to rockstar women in this amazing retail industry, the movers and shakers, I know that we’re in it all together. We all want the same thing at the end of the day — an enriching and productive work life, a happy and healthy home life, friends, personal health and growth, and maybe a cocktail at the end of the day (or 10 a.m.).

My advice to us all: strive for balance every day and embrace the chaos. And if you lose your balance on a random Wednesday because you put the wrong dance outfit on your little girl while running to catch a flight only to realize you went to the wrong STATE for your VIP meeting, that’s why God invented wine and girlfriends.

How do you embrace the chaos and find balance? I’d love to hear from you.

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