In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Digital Content Manager Kristina Stidham interviews Angela Kornaś, founder of Honey Cloudz, the bra insert company solving the issue of moving, bunching bra inserts with patented stay-put technology. Listen in as Kornaś shares her career journey in retail product and textile development, what inspired her to launch Honey Cloudz, and the research and testing process behind designing the brand’s bra inserts. She discusses why being inclusive in shape, size and color is essential to the brand, how Honey Cloudz inserts are different from others on the market, and how women can use the brand’s inserts in any environment.

Honey Cloudz’ fabric is developed to withstand swimming, sweating and everyday use without slipping. Kornaś shares how the stay-put technology in the fabric works. She discusses how she has been growing the brand as a one-woman startup, and offers a few quick, free tools that other entrepreneurs can use to promote their brands. Kornaś shares her future plans to expand the Honey Cloudz product line, cites a few big events coming up for the brand, and tells us about the women mentors she has had throughout her life who helped advance her career and inspired her to launch her own company.

Angela Kornaś invented stay-put bra inserts and created the brand Honey Cloudz after being annoyed with her own bra inserts moving around, bunching and ending up at the bottom of the washing machine every single time she washed her swimsuit and sports bras. She realized bra inserts had never been improved upon in the past 20 years. With a background in apparel development and textiles, Kornaś designed the grippy silicone fabric and wear tested on women in sports over a two-year period. Honey Cloudz solved all the issues that existed with bra inserts, from stay-put to extended sizing and skin tone range. She received the patent in 2017 and went to production. Featured in Oprah magazine within the first year of launching, the media brand called Honey Cloudz inserts “ingenious.” Kornaś is scheduled to be on “The View” on March 9, and feels the journey has just begun.

Date: February 18, 2020

Credits: Angela Kornaś

Duration: 27:08