In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Co-Founder Melissa Campanelli interviews Jennifer Bernstein and Marissa Saporta, co-founders and co-CEOs of Gorilla Commerce, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce home, business and pet product development platform. Listen in as Bernstein and Saporta discuss why they founded the company (1:27), the opportunities to fill white space in many categories using their product development system (3:35), and how Gorilla Commerce has changed and grown over time (4:29).

Bernstein and Saporta share how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted Gorilla Commerce (6:19), why they’ve dubbed this massive shift to e-commerce the “COVID revolution” (7:45), and some of the unique ways the company acquires and retain customers, such as using (10:00). In addition, the duo explain their working relationship and roles as co-CEOs (12:08), how they keep themselves and their team motivated (13:48), how they continually work to generate new ideas (16:30), and their future plans for growth at Gorilla Commerce (17:51).

Jennifer (Jen) Bernstein co-founded Gorilla Commerce in 2014. Prior to founding Gorilla Commerce, she spent over 10 years at American Express, where she focused on partnerships, business development, marketing and strategy. Jen was also an account manager at BBDO Worldwide and FCB advertising agencies, where she managed advertising campaigns for several national brands. She earned a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Michigan.

Marissa Saporta co-founded Gorilla Commerce in 2014. Prior to founding Gorilla Commerce, she was a senior vice president at Douglas Elliman. Marissa was also vice president of operations for Blue Ridge Farms, responsible for business development and optimizing profitability. She earned a Bachelor of Business degree from Cornell University.

Date: October 20, 2020

Credits: Jennifer Bernstein, Marissa Saporta

Duration: 20:15