In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Senior Editor Marie Albiges interviews Jessica Hershfield, co-founder and CEO of Just Enough Wines, a seller of consciously crafted canned wine. Hershfield discusses why she decided to sell wine in a can (0:52), what it was like breaking into the traditional wine industry with a canned product (2:34), and what sustainably sourced and packaged wine looks like for Just Enough Wines (4:14). She shares how the wine community has been welcoming and mentored her (6:25), how she continually fights imposter syndrome as she grows Just Enough Wines (8:09), and what it looked like when she began building her team (9:12).

In addition, Hershfield discusses the unique benefits and difficulties in launching Just Enough Wines during the COVID-19 pandemic (10:31), what grape harvest season looks like in the wine industry (12:24), and her advice for women who are looking to turn their passion into something more (15:00). Lastly, she shares what’s next for Just Enough Wines (16:43).

Just Enough Wines is a San Francisco-based startup focused on high-quality, great tasting wine in the convenience of a can. Founded by Jessica Hershfield who is a first-time founder and Stanford alum, she left her prestigious tech jobs at Google, Uber, and Lime to follow her passion. Just Enough Wines believes you don’t need to choose between quality and convenience, and is reinventing canned wine for the modern consumer.

Date: October 19, 2021

Credits: Jessica Hershfield

Duration: 19:06