In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Senior Editor Marie Albiges interviews Betsy Fore and Sofia Laurell, co-founders and co-CEOs of Tiny Organics, a 100 percent organic, plant-based baby and toddler meal company. Fore and Laurell discuss how they created the idea behind Tiny Organics after identifying a need for healthy baby foods (1:37), how the duo began testing foods with 100 founding families (4:09), and how launching with a venture partner helped the brand grow (7:31). The pair share how comparing American and European children’s’ eating habits shaped Tiny Organics meals (9:16), how their own children have been impacted by eating the brand’s foods (12:36), and how the company is addressing the biggest challenges facing working women (16:09).

In addition, Fore and Laurell discuss how pivoting from a male-dominated corporate workforce to a primarily female team impacted their leadership style and priorities (18:53), what Tiny Organics’ sustainability practices look like (21:50), and what’s coming next for the rapidly growing company in 2022 and beyond (23:28). Lastly, the pair share their tips for other women who have a great idea but aren’t sure where to start (25:12).

Named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and BBC’s 100 Most Inspiring Women, Betsy Fore has a decade of experience as an inventor, product founder and CEO. Betsy serves on the Tufts School of Nutrition Innovation Council alongside her co-CEO, Sofia Laurell, and advises a number of consumer product and deep data startups as well as UNICEF Wearables for Good initiative. Betsy enjoys building great brands and has invented over 100 products and counting. Prior to co-founding Tiny Organics, Betsy founded pet wearables brand WonderWoof, which she built into an American household name.

Sofia Laurell is a public relations and marketing veteran with vast PR and integrated marketing experience, most recently at Ascend Foundation, where she helped elevate women and minorities onto U.S. corporate boards and created a pipeline of women and minorities to achieve the highest levels of leadership at Fortune 500 corporations. Born and raised in Finland, her “why” for co-founding Tiny Organics is an invention born in Finland called the Finnish Baby Box. She saw firsthand the impact that it had back home — first drastically reducing infant mortality to one of the lowest in the world, and later becoming an institution around the world.

Date: September 21, 2021

Credits: Betsy Fore, Sofia Laurell

Duration: 29:46